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Tamtron WNnexus Internet Report is a web based reporting service. It is designed for monitoring weighings that have made using Tamtron's scales.The service can be used with any modern Internet browser.

The service has realtime weighing reports. There are also basic searching and classification functions in the service. It is also possible to save the reports in Microsoft Excel or Word format; and in the OpenOffice formats as well.

Note! All described functions are not configured for all users.

To Login

The home page of the service is www.tamtron.net/wnexus/. In the home page of the service there are flags that represents languages that are supported in the service. By clicking the flag you wish to use as a language in the service, you enter to the log in page.

In the login page enter user name and password and click Log in button to log in to the service. The main menu of the service opens.

Main menu


Log out - Logs out of the service.

Settings - User settings page.

Feedback - Give feedback to the service administrator.

Help - Help page (this file).

Scale list

In the scale list there are listed all the scales the user has rights to see.

First in the left in the scale list there is button. By clicking the button the scale settings page opens . Next in the sacle list there is the id of the scale. The id is printed on green colour if the scale is connected to the WNexus server. After the id there is date, time and ticket number of the latest weighing data.

Next there are links to four short cut reports. The short cut reports are day, week, half month and month report. The day report shows the weighings that are made in the current day, if there are any. Other three reports show the weighings from the moment as stated in the name of the short cut link to the current moment. Last there are the links to the search and advanced search and to the sum report pages.



Log out - Logs out of the service.

Reports - Tool to move from one report to other report.

Main menu - Back to the Main menu.

Update - Updates the current report.

Print - Opens the report without the buttons to a new window for printing.

Edit - Enters to the the multiple ticket editing mode

Export - Save the report in different file formats.

Search - Search page opens.

Sum report - Sum report page opens.

Feedback - Give feedback to the service administrator.

Help - Help page (this file).


First on the left of the report there is a ticket number. There is * character after ticket number if the ticket information hass been edited in the WNexus service or in the scale by the driver. After it there are memo fields. After these there is the time stamp. The time is of the moment when the weighing has done and it is in the same time zone as it is in the scale. Next there are kilos and buckets to the truck and to the trailer, and the kilos of the line together. After weighing data there are the ticket signing information and the check box to sign multiple tickets. Then there is the information of the mode in which mode the weighing has been done. After that there is ticket editing button.

In the last line of the report there is the grand total sum of all the weighing in the report.

The day report updates automatically when the WNexus server receives new weighings. Other reports does not update automatically.

You can open the receipt by clicking the ticket number. The receipt can be printed by clicking button. It is possible to modify the company information of the ticket in My settings. My settings can be found in the Settings menu. It is also possible to sign the ticket in the Ticket wiew.

It is possible to classify the report regarding to one memo field by clicking the name of the memo field. In this case there are also total sums of weighingings classified to the memo values. By clicking the name of the receipt field (#) or the name of the date time field, the report is sorted to the ticket number order.

To sign the tickets, click the check boxes of those tickets you wish to sign and then click the Sign button on bottom of the report. Then fill the desired information and click Ok.

The Weighing mode (WM) information means: N means that the weighing has been done in normal mode and S means that the weighing has been done in Storage mode.

Ticket editing

It is possible to edit memo data and the weighing mode of the weighing data in case if there are errors. There are two ways to edit the weighings: It is possible to edit single weighing ticket or it is possible to edit multiple tickets at the same time with one editing.

To edit single ticket

There is Edit button on right side of the report. By clicking the button the ticket editing view opens. Enter the right datas and then click Ok button to save save the changes.

To edit multiple tickets

By clicking the Edit button opens the multiple ticket editing mode. There are check boxes to select the tickets that contains errors and there are also check boxes to select the memos that contains errors. When you have made the selections click the Edit button. Then it is possbile to enter the new values. Note! If there is some value left blank then the new value that is saved to the server is also blank.

It is possible to use search tool to define the tickets that contains wrong information. Just make search to find those tickets and then make the correction.

Search page

In the search page there is possible to search weighings in desired interval. Start and stop times should be entered in format dd.mm.yyyy (dd = day in two digits, mm = month in two digits, yyyy = year in four digits) or by clicking button and then select days from the calendar. It is possible to add times to search criteria too. In that case you should enter time after the date value in format hh:mm. The time should be separated from date with space. Example of search criteria format: 18.02.2012 13:15.

It is possible to search the weighings that has done in a work shift by adding the start and stop times. (The fromat of time: hh:mm). It is also possible to search weighings without time or ticket limitations. In that case the search is limited to the last 5000 tickets.

Additionally it is possible to set a search criterias to values of two memos. First select the name of the memo from the list and then select the values that you want to be included in the report. And finally click Search button.

It is also possible to set the search criteria to the weighing mode also. Then only weighings that has been done in Normal mode or in storage mode will be included to the result.

It is possible to classify the weighings according the time. You can do the classifing of the weighings in one, two, four or eight hours. The classifying will be done the same way every time, not depending of the actual weighing times. For example if the classifying value is 8 hours, then the classifying will be 0-8, 8-16 and 16-24.

If there is same memory structure in the all scales, then it is possible to make searches to the weighs of all scales similarly.

It is possible to save the search parameters for futuere use. The service asks the name of the saved search parameters and the parameters will be saved to the server. It there are already saved parameters with the same same, the old one is over written with new one.

Advanced search

Advanced search allows you to search weighings with more complex methods than with standard search. You have to to define at least one scale, search time and at least one search condition.

The scale is selected from the scales list. If there is same memory structure in the all scales then it is possible to select more than one scale.

To define the date interval that is used in search you can either select fixed dates (day, week, half month or month) or you can choose the days. It is also possible to set times in the search.

Search condition will be defines as follows: first select the logical operator either AND or OR. Next select the memo from where the search will be done. Then select operator (=, <>, > < >= <=). Then you can either write of select the value that will be used in the search. The value can be also empty. Then click Add condition button to include the condition to the search. It is possible to remove the condition from the search by clicking Remove button.

It is possible to Classify and Sort the results by selecting the memo from the list.

By clicking Search button the search is executed.

Sum report

You can create the sum report using memos you wish to. First choose the memos you with to include to the report and then select the time interval and then click Ok. It is possible to do the classifying based on date. The possibilites are: day, week, two weeks and month.

Saving the report

It is possible to save the report in either Microsoft Exel or Word format. Microsoft Exel or Word should be version 2000 or newer. It is possible to open Excel and Word files in Open Office 2.x. For older versions and other programs it is possible to save the report in CSV format.

It is also possible to save the report in standard Tamtron XML format.

Opening to Exceliin

Click Export button and choose Excel. Click Open in dialog. The report is now opened in Excel for futher processing.

Opening to Wordiin

Click Export button and choose Word. Click Open in dialog. The report is now opened in Word for futher processing.


Click Export button and choose Word or Excel. Click Open in dialog. The report is now in OpenOffice Write if you choosed Word or in OpenOffice Calc if you choosed Excel.

Opening CSV files with Excel

  1. Click Export and choose CSV.
  2. Click Save and save the file for example to My documents folder.
  3. Start Excel
  4. If you have Excel 2000 or older, choose Date, Import and Import text file. If you have newer version than 2000, choose File and Open.
  5. Change all files (*.*) as file type.
  6. Select the file that you saved and click Import.
  7. Choose delimited and click Next.
  8. Select semicolon as delimeter and click Ok.

Now the report is in Excel.


In settings page you can chage your password and the unit in wich the weighings are shown. There is also the scale report and the Log tool. It aslo possible to send orders to the scale. You can configure how the report is shown and browse the the ticket editings and removings.

Own settings

In own settings page you can set the information that is viewed on the ticket view. These information are name, address, phone number, fax number and www address.

Changing the password

By clicking Change password button opens password changing page. Enter username, password and new password twice and then click Change password button. Now the new password has saved into the server.


By clicking Units button Unit settings page opens. The time zone setting does not affect to this service. You can ignore it. Weighing unit can be either kilos or tons. By clicking Save button you save the settings. By clicking Cancel button you discard the changes.

Scale report

The scale report shows when the scale has been last time connected to the server and when the scale has sent the latest weighing to the server. All times in the report are in UTC time zone. In normal time UTC time is sames as time in the UK. In summer time the UTC time is the UK's time minux one hour. The report does not update automatically. If you want to update the report click Update button. By clicking Log out button you log out form the service. By clicking Main menu button you enter into the main menu of the service.


Log views events that happend on the server, on the scale and on transmission between the scale and the server.These logs are available: Event log, the log of missing tickets, Login log and Power on report.

Event log shows the traffic infomration between the scale and the server. It shows also if there has been updates to FTP transfer files, or FTP transfer files have been uploaded to FTP server or transfer files have been downloaded from the FTP server.

Missing tickets
Missing tickets log lists the tickets that has transfered from the scale to the server. It is possibile to send the request to the scale that informs the scale to send unsent tickets to the server.

Login log
Login log shows the times when the driver of the wheel loader has logged in to the wheel loader. This function requires that there is immobilizer installed in the wheel loader.

Power on report
The Power on report shows the times when the scale has been connected to the server.


You can send orders and memo updates in orders page. You can folow the progress of the sending from the log page.

Memo item removing from the scales

It is possible to remove memo items from the scale. Click Memo item removing button. Select scale, memo, memo item and click Send. You can folow the progress of the sending from the log page.

Report settings

On report settings page you can set which memos and parametes are visible on the report. It is also possible to set if the Signing and Editing tools are visible. Also it is possible to set if the weighing mode informatio is visible. Also it is possible to select if all weighings are viewed on the report or should only the weighings that has been done in normal mode be visible.

Edit history

Edit history page shows the weighing data changes and ticket removings that has been mode. It is possible to cancel the changings and removings by click the Undo button. If the undo is done then the server does a new event of the changing and it is shown in the edit history.

Scale order

You can set the order in which the scales are listed on the service with scale order fuction. The function works as follows: Select the scale. Move the scale to the place you want it to be by clicking Up and Down buttons. When the ordering is done, click Ok and the ordering is saved to the server.

Email reports

In the Email reports page you can set the email address where the autmatic email tickets will be send. It is also possible to configure conditions, for example if the weighing has done for specific customer then the WNexus service will automatically send an email ticket to defined email address.

Power admin

Power admin tool allows you to send new memorystructes, new memo items and remove data from the scale. Select the scale and command and select the file you want to send to the scale and click Send button.

By clicking Power software button you start to download the latest version of the Power scale software. Save the file to the USB stick to upgreade the software in the scale.


Filling feedback form it is possible to give feedback to the system admininstrator.

Scale settings

By clicking button opens the scale settings page. Scale id is identification name of the scale in the service. Scale id is user specific. If many users has access to the scale all users can name the scale as they wish. Customer field is optional reference to the memo field which contains customer names.

For Power scales it is possible to define the texts that will be shown instead of USER, PRICE and VOLUME.

Error messages

Permission denied

Username or password in not valid. Click Log out button to enter usernam and password again.

No requested data

There is no weighings in requested time interval. Usually this happens when Day report is requested and there is no weighing on that day. Click Main menu button to go back to the main menu.

Updated 24.5.2013

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